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BUILD with Britt is a 12-Month Progressive Training Program that equips you with the proper strategy to train and fuel your body in an enjoyable & attainable way.


Introducing BUILD, a strength training program created to combine both enjoyment AND education in regards to lifting and gaining strength. With this program my goal for you is to BUILD confidence, knowledge and muscle all while learning to love the process. You may be one who feels like a one on one coach is not a need for you at this time but you would love to know that there is a professional rooting for you and guiding you along the way. THAT is why I created BUILD, to motivate you to learn as you progress all while enjoying your lifts and getting stronger!  There are two workout options within the program, a gym (BUILD) + at home (MOVE), for each training day planned out for a 12 month program. You will have full access to the Trainerize app where you can access your programs and see video demonstrations of your lifts while also having daily communication access with me! My goal is to eliminate any unnecessary guess work from your training.  Are you ready to make 2023 the year you hit your goals?


Home Workout Guide

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Gym Workout Guide

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