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Brittany always pushes me to perform my best! She somehow finds that extra 10% I didn’t know I had to get the workout done -and be proud of it. I actually LOOK FORWARD to workouts with her which is something I never thought I’d say!

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"Love the way Brittany pushes and challenges you to reach your full potential. I remember psyching myself out one time thinking I could never be able to jump on the 30in plyo box. Britt comes up to me as I’m jumping on the 24in box and flips it to the 30in. She then goes “Come on, you got this, Explode up!” Long and behold I freaking did it! I was so excited! Sometimes all you need is someone that can affirm you and let you know that you can do it by making you do the uncomfortable. That’s who Brittany is. :)"

Sophia Cansigno

"Working with Britt has been awesome. She took the time to understand my goals and gave me achievable steps to get there (plus helped me understand macros…huge accomplishment). I love that these small changes are already proving to be helpful and can’t wait to continue learning from her. She is so encouraging, helpful, and responsive. She clearly cares about her clients and I’m so happy I made the decision to work with her! 12/10 would recommend."




"Brittany is a very dedicated and compassionate trainer with attention to detail when it comes to my training. She will go above and beyond to ensure you are meeting your fitness goals!!!"

Michael Miller

"Britt has an amazing talent for helping me find new limits. I can't count the number of times she's given me the boost I needed to hit new PRs or push through sets I didn't think I could finish. It's never a dull moment with her and we smile the entire time."


Ryan Lobrano


"Brittany has been my coach at F45 for a couple years now and she is always pushing me to bring out my best in class and always brings a positive attitude to the table. She gets to know everyone’s name in the class very quickly and you can tell she really has a passion for what she does! You will not be disappointed if you choose to have Britt as your coach!"


"Brittany brings an amazing energy and focus to your workout! She pushes you out of your comfort zone but makes you feel comfortable enough to step up your game!! Britt is one of my fav trainers I’ve ever had and has kept me coming back for years!"


Alyssa Swan


"I’ve been training with Brittany for about two years now and I can honestly say my lifestyle and self confidence has completely changed. I now have the knowledge to properly train and eat; specifically for MY body type. If you’re thinking about hiring a trainer - look no further!"

Lily Scribner

I value my training sessions with Britt. She takes the time to understand and respond to your specific needs. She has a lot of knowledge and makes you feel at ease regardless of your skill level. She challenges you, makes working out enjoyable, and motivates you to reach (jump) higher. I have no fear of box jumps thanks to Britt. I would recommend her to everyone, regardless of their level of fitness.




I’ve been training with Brittany for about 2 months now. She makes me excited and comfortable to be back in the gym again! And on top of the motivation she gives me, she truly cares about me and my goals!

Shelby Basham

Brit is an amazing coach. She both encourages and pushes you so you get the most out of every workout. She’s the best!



I can’t speak highly enough about Britt’s energy, positive attitude and ability to hold me accountable. She pushes and inspires me to be better every day. Being motivated to work out is hard enough, but I truly look forward to training with her and she has a unique ability to bring the best out in me while making it fun. Britt is an absolute rockstar and I can’t recommend her enough regardless of where one might be in their fitness journey.

J.R. Ensign

I’ve been working out with Brittany for over a year and it’s the best investment I have made for my health, confidence and fitness goals. Brittany has a very special gift of understanding her clients’ specific needs and establishing a strategic fitness plan to help them reach their goals. I would highly recommend Brittany for those ready to make a positive change in their life!


Lexi Roman


Brittany is truly such an amazing trainer and motivator! She has a unique way of making every workout (yes, even the ones on the worst days) fun yet effective. She always pushes me a little further just at the moment I want to give up to help me to continue to become mentally and physically stronger & to top it off, you’ll rarely ever catch her without a smile. Brittany really is as great as they come!

Kristin Justice

I’ve been training with Britt for about 3 years and she has pushed me to do my best since day one. Her passion for training shines through as she challenges, encourages and takes the time to get to know everyone and their personal goals. Her high energy keeps you going even when you are ready to give up! I’m so thankful for Britt and would highly recommend her to anyone regardless of where they are on their fitness journey!


Brittany J.

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