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Let's Train Together! 


My mission is to help you dominate your goals through gaining knowledge on a proper training + nutrition program for YOUR body and lifestyle that will last LONG TERM. 


…you’re seeing results without restricting your favorite foods.

…you’re able to commit LESS time in the gym, but transform your body to become stronger than ever before.

…you achieve your health and fitness goals and SUSTAIN them!



Pricing starts at $150 per month and varies depending on what program is best for you.


Built By Britt 1:1 coaching programming is a monthly membership that offers you instructional coaching on training and nutrition.

Each program is completely customizable for the individual and will include weekly accountability check-ins to keep you progressing as well as daily motivation.

In this program, you will get in-depth coaching from myself to ensure that you’re actually learning and implementing sustainable methods that you will be able to continue to use on your own for the rest of your life.

I am always just a message away. So, when you have questions, concerns or just need a daily dose of motivation- I’ve got you covered! 



Once you fill out your application, we will schedule a zoom call where we will have an in-depth consultation about your goals, current stats and diet history to determine the best path to take to proceed towards reaching your goals.

After reviewing that with you, I will start helping you implement specific lifestyle habits and behaviors to ultimately change your mindset and improve your health overall.

Alongside your habits, I will prescribe specific nutrition guidelines to ensure you reach your goals in the most efficient manner possible while also ensuring that you’re not restricting how you live your life.

I truly believe in flexible dieting methods which allow you to eat the foods that YOU enjoy!

My goal is to not only help you reach your fitness goals in the most efficient way but to help you understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place by working WITH you to make this fit your lifestyle.

*PLEASE NOTE* Memberships and pricing will be discussed on your consult call.

Training + Nutrition confusion ends here. Are you ready?

Testimonial in Train with me page


Brittany always pushes me to perform my best! She somehow finds that extra 10% I didn’t know I had to get the workout done -and be proud of it. I actually LOOK FORWARD to workouts with her which is something I never thought I’d say!

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"Love the way Brittany pushes and challenges you to reach your full potential. I remember psyching myself out one time thinking I could never be able to jump on the 30in plyo box. Britt comes up to me as I’m jumping on the 24in box and flips it to the 30in. She then goes “Come on, you got this, Explode up!” Long and behold I freaking did it! I was so excited! Sometimes all you need is someone that can affirm you and let you know that you can do it by making you do the uncomfortable. That’s who Brittany is. :)"

Sophia Cansigno

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